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As previous gym owners for 10 years, we recognized the opportunity cost from understaffed hours of operation and missed calls from potential customers. To fulfill that need, we created HelloGym. Your gym’s complete communication hub and staffing solution, we make sure no lead is lost while you’re busy doing the heavy lifting of running a gym. With customizable service packages to fit your business, we’re sure we can help pump up your client base.


Our Story

Todd Huna and Chad Capp, the founders and partners of HelloGym, embarked on their journey in 2006 after successfully running a gym for years. Recognizing the absence of a solution for missing phone calls in the fitness industry, they launched GymPhone in 2013, a call center catering exclusively to fitness businesses. GymPhone continued to add new clients and expand its offerings, evolving into HelloGym - a complete VOIP telecommunications and answering service provider, which attracted the attention of some of the industry's largest franchises. In 2019, with over 600 clubs on the platform, Todd and Chad acquired a membership management platform to fulfill their vision for a comprehensive business ecosystem, which they now refer to as "A New Fitness Experience." Today, HelloGym is a prominent industry leader in Gym Communications and Membership Management, delivering a wide range of tools that aid gyms in generating, nurturing, and converting leads, driving revenue and growth. With plans to further enhance the all-inclusive experience for gym owners and their clients, HelloGym is poised to be a market leader in the fitness space.


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